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Embodied Inquiry - Unfolding Transformation

Creative Somatic Meditation Retreat 


Fluid Nature Retreats


Creative Meditation Retreats anchored in Somatic Awareness, and guided by the principles and practices of Zen-Coaching. 


Bli med UT: Undringstur vest i havet 15-18 Juni



Do you long to go for experiences 
that are beyond what you already know?
…To journey with no goal and just BE with what unfolds for you from moment to moment?
Join us for a creative journey into the vast and unexplored landscape of NOW…
Deepen into a creative meditation practice that will support you to live in the world connected to your deeper nature. 
“If the soul is operating from her own inherent capacities... unfoldment will happen on its own. There is a force within our soul that is intelligent, responsive, and aware”. (Almaas, 2002: 204)


In a creative somatic meditation retreat we access meditative consciousness through the feelings, sensations, somatic intuition and the felt sense of the body.  We engage in creative expression from a deep connection with ourselves, in a living, breathing relationship with the world.


You are invited to meet yourself underneath the noise of everyday life, and connect to the always present liberating wisdom, abiding right there in your body.  From a somatic perspective, the body and mind are not separate "things", but ONE inherently awakeful and intelligent whole, that already abides in a natural state of being, deeply connected to all of nature. 


We will dive into the felt experiences of our moving bodies: 

 -breath, pulsastion, inner rythms.

 - the feeling quality of movement and imagination. 

- the connections between thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and the living environment. 

 - our breathing relationships: to ourselves others, trees, water, birds... the nature within and around us.



In a safe space of allowance and presence, you will be invited to journey with the unfoldment of your own experience and be with what is in a direct and naked way. Each person is invited to follow his/her own creative rhythms in continuous cycles of bodily presence, creative expression, reflection and contemplation.   


More than just seeing and witnessing our experience,  we move with it:  we let it dance, move, be expressed through drawing, writing, working with clay, creating installation, making music or another creative expression of our own choice. Sharing is also an important part of the practice. 


The “no method” of this retreat is guided by the principles and practices of Zen Coaching; attuning with curiosity and allowance towards the unfoldment of the present moment, and is anchored in somatic awareness; the direct experience of the living breathing body, as perceived from the inside, by you.


The frame of the retreat will offer tools, principles and practices that guide you towards deeper embodied presence, for you to connect deeply with your soul. 

"I was attracted to this place while I was walking.

It opened up and wanted to be seen.

The beauty of us.

Together or separate.

The place was hided away.

It happens to people too.

I want to make visible the beauty.

The potential in all. 

That is how the nature works.


Finding its easiest way.

It is there to be seen, spoken with, listened to and born with love and gratitude."

(Randi Sundstøl,

Creative Meditation Retreat, 2015) 

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