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Dance & Somatic Wellbeing - Connection to the Living Body 


SOMATICS derives from the greek word SOMA, which means living, aware bodily person. It is the study of the self from the perspective of ones lived experience, encompassing the dimensions of body, psyche and spirit. From a somatic persepctive these dimensions are seen as  deeply intertwined processes of life that can not exist independently of eachother. Attending to movement arising from somatic awarenss, can be a doorway to integrate all levels of being, and organize ourselves in ways that enhance wellbeing, liberate embodied wisdom and opens up creative perception. In this way we can cultivate an holistic sense of self anchored in embodied presence. 

What is SME?
Engage in Bodymind inquiry/ Somatic Practices


Somatic Practices:

What is Somatic Movement (SME) ?


Somatic Movement Education (SME) represent a variety of innovative and holistic body/mind approaches to awaken awareness of the human body as perceived from the inside in movement.


The primary focus  of SME as practiced here, is "restoring and deepening connection to the lived body, and valuing the somatic experience, i.e., the ‘voice’ of body as felt and expressed through sensing, feeling, imagining, moving, touch and emotion. "


Movers are encourageed to cultivate sensory and kinesthetic awareness and to move with the natural unfoldment of bodily intelligence, towards wellbeing, selfcare, body-mind integration, and deeper selfdiscovery. Somatic Movement Education is  a transformational learning process happening from the inside out, supporting self empowerment through trusting embodied wisdom. 






  • Through moving with somatic awareness, we refine perceptual, kinesthetic, proprioceptive, and interoceptive sensitivity. This supports the embodied capacity for self regulation to function optimally. 


  • Cultivating sensory and kinesthetic awareness also means that movers train themselves to know through the felt sense of the body. Movers learn to receive feedback from themselves through kinethetic and sensory awareness, and can in this way develop trust in the perception of the felt sense of the body.   


  • We can also recognice habitual patterns of perception, posture or movement. Instead of trying to fix or change this from the outside, movers  learn how to engage their inner capacity for self-learning, and healing, and engage in a transformative learning process guided from the inside, opening up the joy of continous self inquiry. We become the creators of  new pathways where being can flow more effortlessly, from an embodied sense of vitality. 


  • Cultivating an expressive language ( of movement, drawing, making, writing poetry etc. ) that supports us to communicate our felt sense (somatic experience) both to ourselves and to others. This supports us to become visible to ourselves, and to express our inner sense of self in the meeting with the world.

Workshops / Programs

Individual Somatic Movement Sessions

A one:one somatic movement session is an intimate meeting with yourself, with the support of a bodily attuned friend.  A session provides a safe space for you, to restore and deepen the connection to the lived body, and value the somatic experience, i.e., the ‘voice’ of body as felt the inside, and expressed through sensing, feeling, imagining, moving, touch and emotion. 

As a facilitator my role is to  be fully present with you, and embark together with you on a journey of experiential exploration, guided by continous attunement to what is alive in you. 


Through stillness, movement, attunement to sensation, touch, verbal dialogue and a variety of creative tools, I support you in opening up your own experience and liberate the inherent wisdom of any movement, following your inner unfoldment to where the intelligence of life wants and needs  to move in order to expand/heal /integrate/ballance/etc ..

My greatest contribution might be the ability to read the silent languages of the body, and a knowing that all movement matters; a trust in how life moves; that inherent intelligence and capacity of life expand towards embodiment of natural wholeness. 

All sessions are taught in the spirit of selfdiscovery, nonjudgement and reflection.


A session normally goes through phases of:

attuning to sensation (sitting, lying down or standing),

deepening into prereflective embodied exploration,

responding to experience through creative expression, 

and a phase of harvesting/dialogue in the end. 

The language of your body is listened to with allowance, respect, and attunement to the landscapes of breath, physical sensations, feelings, movement and imagery, to see what wants to unfold from there. 


Spontaneous and intuitive touch may be used throughout the session to facilitate embodied connection. Clients are always fully clothed. Sessions can be suitable for everybody, on all levels of health and bodily functioning, as we always start from wherever you are.

During the time of work our relating is one of mutual respect and equality. We co-create the exploration together. The process supports a deepening towards a space of sensitivity, deep inner listening and self empowerment.

Personal Program

A personal program is an individual process of SME sessions/ exploration and self training, over a period of your own choice.  I recommend min 6 sessions. The program will be individually adjusted to fit your needs. 


 Through a SME personal program of 2, 4 or 6 months you may 

  •   develop a nonjudgemental inclusive self awareness, and a practice of mindful movement that can support you in all areas of life. 

  • awaken more trust in the body´s capacity for self healing, learning, and knowing. 

  •  connect to, and staying connected to your own truth and letting this be expressed creatively in your                  life. 

  • deeper access to the richness of bodily experience and embodied resources

  • go through creative healing processes of the body-mind split, and coming to a fuller embodiment of the          whole person; becoming  more yourself.

  • experience deep life enhancing transformations, and learn how to sustain a practice of physical, emotional,  mental, spiritual and creative wellbeing. 

  • having a space for experiential knowing and learning.

  • develop  ability for self-care: self regulation, better ballance between  rest and activity, effortlessness in movement, deeper relaxation etc, and access resources for sustainable inner balance.

  • Developing a deeper closer and more open relationship with ourselves, and thus with others. 




Practical Info 

I offer personal programs/ individual sessions in Oslo and Bergen live, and over Skype from anywhere.

For info about prices etc. check here.

We can also arrange individual agreements to suit your needs. 

If you are interested contact me on mail:


Individua Somatic Movement Session
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Bodymind Inquiry Workshops & Programs

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