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Arts and Practices of Bodymind Inquiry

is the evolving practices of Hanne Pedersen.


Her practice is deeply anchored in her own journey: 

  • as a performing artist, 

  • Zen Coaching teacher/coach, 

  • Creative Somatic Movement Therapist/ Facilitator  (MA Arts- Dance & Somatic Wellbeing),

  • and a  long time student of the Diamond Approach. 

Hanne offers 1:1 sessions as well as workshops, retreats, online journeys  that support your deep psychological healing and embodied spiritual transformation.


"I wish for us all to be more and more truly and authentically ourselves, and to find our place in "the family of things", feeling our soulful connection and sense of belonging to a greater whole." 

In addition to being anchored in Zen Coaching, her practices draw inspiration from many sources such as: 

  • Somatic Movement practices, such as Bodymind Centering, Authentic Movement, Continuumm ++ 

  • NVC (Nonviolent Communication) 

  • Mindfulness as taught by Thich Nhat Than 

  • The understanding of depth psychology and how it connects to embodied spiritual transformation, as taught and explored in the Diamond Approach 

SOMATICS derives from the greek word SOMA, which means living, aware bodily person. It is the study of the self from the perspective of ones lived experience, encompassing the dimensions of body, psyche and spirit. From a somatic persepctive these dimensions are seen as  deeply intertwined processes of life that can not exist independently of eachother. Attending to movement arising from somatic awarenss, can be a doorway to integrate all levels of being. Through mindful movement we learn to organize ourselves in ways that enhance wellbeing, liberate embodied wisdom and open up creative perception. In this way we can cultivate an holistic sense of self anchored in embodied presence.


Mindful movement - Mindful Moment: Recognizing ourselves as the dance of aliveness

The practice of BodyMind Inquiry happens within a "soul in motion" paradigm, recognizing aliveness as processes of movement. Movement in this sense includes movements of thoughts, feelings, shifting sensations, subtle micro movements, as well as physical and creative movement in space. The physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual dimensions of the human being is acknowledged as one coherent whole that can not be separated or treated as parts. We attend to  the bodymind as a process of living breathing consciousness. This enables wellbeing on all levels through deeper self connection. 

Through deep listening, perception/movement practices, and creative expression anchored in intimate self-knowledge, the practices of Bodymind Inquiry invites an organic process of self inquiry. We cultivate the art of opening up to the freshness of the present moment,  and let ourself, another or the world be felt, touched and known from the inside, through direct experience. From a place of continously deepening selfdiscovery,  life is vast. Looking, sensing and listening with openness and innocence, we can always continue to deepen and expand our intimate experiential connection to  life.  In this way life itself becomes a joyful sacred adventure discovering itself through its own movement.


The goal is not to get to a final state or to reach the final answers, but to participate wholeheartedly in the continous selfknowledge and becoming of our world, from moment to moment. 

Life as art - Creativity from being 

The arts and practices of bodymind inquiry takes us beyond cultural ideas, habits and conditioning; into a the sensory experience of the present moment, revealing any experience as a gateway to deeper connection with ourselves, the world around us, and the always present creative potential of being.   Through cultivating sensuous presence and attending to the felt experience of the body and its environment, you gain access to the world as art; a vast realm of aliveness, knowing, wisdom and creativity, that support you to live a creative life, inhabiting the body with all the juices of being that is your birhtright. 


Deep listening - Zen Coaching principles & practices 

Mindful Movement = movement  that cultivate a nonjudgemental, compassionate self-awareness, anchored in embodied presence and our love for truth. 

BodyMind Inquiry is based on the belief that sustained wellbeing for individuals and society need to be fostered through a continous practice of deep inner listening.  You are invited to continuously listen inwards, and let your own path emerge; trusting yourself and the movement of your wise body. 

When we welcome the present moment and say yes to aliveness, it naturally moves towards healing and deep transformation, wanting to expand toward its own full potential.  When we learn to listen to, trust , and guide our ourselves on our souls journey, we can  navigate the world anchored in experiential knowing arising from the inside.  The connection to oneself, others and the living world can deepen and expand into the vast and magical realms of interbeing. Experience can become a deep dialogue between the known and the unknown, continoulsy revealing the  inherent creative wisdom of life. .


Being and interbeing

The practice of bodymind inquiry supports us to live on the edge of the unknown that life is, and engage with the present moment from a place of authenticity, creativity and compassion. As we acknowledge the wisdom and resources already available right here and now,  a shift takes place, towards fuller enjoyment of aliveness. Life becomes the embodied experience of presence in the here and the now, and this deep sense of being and interbeing is what fulfills us. Being was never broken, and it does not need to be fixed. We only need to recognice ourselves  from the inside and start to move in coherence with our deeper unbroken nature. As we open up to the felt experience of ourselves from the inside, we open up to the moving relational field that we are part of and that is part of us.  In this sense bodymind inquiry support us to move with a continously expanding  awareness of the wholeness that we  already are. 


When we know how to listen deeply, with our body, soul, heart and open mind, we can bring to life more of the creative wisdom waiting to be discovered  within each of us, in our relations and communities, for the wellbeing of all. 

The sun has entered me.
The sun has entered me together with the cloud and the river.
I myself have entered the river, and I have entered the sun with the cloud and the river.
There has not been a moment when we do not interpenetrate.

But before the sun entered me, the sun was in me also the cloud and the river.
Before I entered the river, I was already in it.
There has not been a moment when we have not inter-been.

Therefore you know that as long as you continue to breathe, I continue to be in you.

Tich Nhat Than

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