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NOORI Arts and Practices of Bodymind Inquiry is founded Hanne Pedersen (1978)  (MA Arts, Dance & Somatic Wellbeing - Connections to the Living Body) somatic movement educator, teacher and coach of Zen Coaching. 


I live in Nesodden outside Oslo, Norway, together with my best dog Noori, and surrounded by dear friends and the nature.

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions, and share practices, tools and perspectives weaving performance work, zen-coaching, & creative somatic movement into what I call Arts and Practices of Bodymind Inquiry; cultivating presence & creativity as doorways to deep connection (with ourselves) and sensitive embodied participation (in the world).


Arts & Practices of Bodymind Inquiry is an evolving practice of inquiry, perception and movement work , creative expression, meditation and practice-based research, with the intention of supporting a life of being, discovery, and creative unfoldment. 

I have been practicing Zen Coaching since 2008, an approach to life and coaching based on mindfulness and empathic listening. I am a senior coach and teacher in the Zen-Coaching network,  with extensive experience in supporting deep transformation for people, through individual sessions and workshops.  


Originally I am trained as a performer with various approaches to movement and voice improvisation as a foundation. I am  a performance artist from School of Stage Art - Cantabile 2 (2002-2005), and worked in the free field of performance theatre in Danmark and Norway. Working in theatre/performance led me to experience how performing arts may open our capacity for bodily empathy and sensitivity to know life from the inside, and in this way add to human knowledge, insight and development in a fun and innovative way. 

The years in the free field of creative work also led me further along my own path towards deeper inner work, opening up the realms of meditation, mindfulness,  creativity as a path of self- inquiry & creative soul unfoldment. Improvisation and creative expression became a path for me to unwind layers of conditioning, open up habitual bodily patterns and come to a space of sensitivity and being.   


I  brought my passion for performance theatre, improvisation, movement, meditation and coaching together in the work of creative somatic movement and completed my MA of Arts at UCLAN: MA Dance and Somatic Wellbeing, Connections to the Living Body in 2015, giving a certification as a Somatic Movement Educator.

I am also a long term student of the Diamond Approach since 2012, doing my own deep inner work through sessions with my teacher, retreats and a daily practice of inquiry. 

Foto 2023: Ingrid Østang

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