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Zen Coaching is a way of life and coaching, that support us to live  in connection to all the qualities of essence that we always already are. These are qualities of the heart, such as: love, peace, creativity, stillness, trust, joy etc.. 


Being was never broken, and does not have to be fixed. However many of us have adopted the habits of disowning being. We have alienated ourselves from our true ground, and come to identify with what we are not. 

Many ( if not all our problems) comes from a disconnection from being. However the path back can be very short; one moment of allowing presence, and we are already home. Zen Coaching support us to find back to a deeper connection to ourselves,  to live our lives from a place of being, and supporting others in doing the same; recognizing our deeper common humanity. 

Create profound changes through deep listening:

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What is Zen Coaching? 

What is Zen Coaching

"Zen Coaching is a powerful approach to living, with a set of understanding and principles for how to support ourselves and others in coming home to our true nature, grow as human beings and to live and act from a deep inner connection to ourselves.


The starting point of Zen Coaching lies in our natural wish to be fully who we are, and to be genuine, authentic and sincere with ourselves and others. As a coaching approach it unites the focus on reaching outer goals – a key characteristic of traditional coaching – with a deeper inner focus than what is normally found within coaching.


The approach is built upon basic mindfulness principles, or conscious presence. It is also based on an exploration of limiting beliefs, and on our true inner resources. The main method is the practice of inquiry – an inner, focused exploration based on specific questions and a supporting listening practice.


The ‘goal’ of Zen Coaching is achievable right here, right now – simply by noticing, allowing and fully experience our experience in this moment. There is no need to wait, no need to seek fulfillment in the future. Fulfillment, ease and wisdom is the essence of whatever experience we are having right here, right now." ( Kåre Landfald, founder of Zen Coaching) 

Zen Coaching is  based on the following principles: 


Inviting a space of Being- helping through non helping

A Zen Coach will not trying to fix, guide or analyze you. Resting as being, you are offered a space of allowing presence;  a loving space where you can  be where/what you are in the moment. This is an open, allowing room of presence, based on stillness, open questions and verbal reflection. Through this open and effortless listening the processes of life may unfold following its own inner movement and wisdom. Following life energy, deep transformation happens effortlessly. 


Empathic connection:

The most important support that a Zen Coach is offering is empathic connection, a continous allowing presence to whatever is alive in the other person, without holding on to ideas, concepts and goals. The key question that we keep asking is. "What is happening now? " A Zen Coach will also support you by reflecting back your own words so that you can hear yourself better, and asking well attuned questions.  


Supporting people to come home to themselves: 

A basic longing in all people is the longing to be in contact with ourselves, to feel at home in our own life, recognizing ourselves as being. The problems we get arise out of a lack of connection with our true self. As we connect deeply with ourselves the problem dissolves. Connection with ourselves happen as we allow our experience to be exactly as it is, no matter how uncomfortable it feels. Therefore, a Zen Coach will first support inner connection. When this connection is created we can support action and manifestation from being. 

Individual Coaching

                                         INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS

.... the only thing that will free us is our own experience, our own perception, our own understanding. We have to be converted by our own experience.' (A.H. Almaas) 

An individual Zen Coaching session is the precious gift of space for you.  It is a space where you can hear yourself, with compassion and curiosity, and let life within you find its own way towards insight, healing, transformation or deeper wellbeing. 


Whatever it is that you want to look into, your coach will support you with allowing, curious presence.

The key to deep and lasting transformation is to be found in welcoming and allowing our present moment experience. Wherever you need to go, your coach will go there with you, supporting the healing transformation that can happen through deep connection, trust and allowance. 


The ground for a respectful and nourishing relationship with yourself and others, is created as you practice how to welcome yourself exactly as you are, from moment to moment. 

Indvidual Zen Coaching supports you to: 

  • listen to yourself with understanding and empathy, hear you own inner voice and find your own answers. 

  • find clarify and liberate yourself from self imposed limitations and blocks.

  • show up to what is alive in you from a place of trust, openness and allowance. 

  • ask yourself the good questions, get in touch with inner resources, make conscious choices and live more in alignment with your heart, in deeper and more free, curious and true connection with yourself



“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.” 

—  Name, Title


Join a Zen Coaching Workshop

A Zen Coaching workshop is a space of being, a coming together of people with a shared intention to listen deeper to oneself and another, and to practice true authentic connection in the present moment.


All workshops are experiential, and  deepens the trust, allowance and curiosity  towards ones own present moment experience, and towards the power of being. 


All workshops are precious opportunities to experience the joy of just being. and to share a healing and transformative togetherness, where you can be fully received with all of yourself while also experience the joy of offering such an allowing presence to others. 

Through exercises, inquiries, and group sharing, we explore the power of deep listening and open heartfelt presence. You may bring any personal life topic you have, and get an opportunity to explore it in a safe holdingspace. 

You will also be introduced to principles and tools that support you to live a life of being, and act in the world in alignment with your heart´s longings.

Workshops are often introducing  the principles of Zen Coaching, such as:

the power of allowance, just being, curious listening, essential presence etc. while also exploring essential life topics, such as vulnerability and strength, heart to heart communication, living your passion etc.


You will leave the workshop:

  • having had new insights about important aspects of your own life,

  • having learned essential tools and principles that can support you for the rest of your life,

  • having experienced the healing power of a shared being space with others,

  • and tasted qualities of your own inherent true nature, such as joy, creativity, deep rest, expanded spaciousness etc.  

Hanne holds introduction and weekend workshops regularly both in Norway and abroad.

Check the schedule for concrete and practical information about each workshop. 

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