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A Somatic Movement Retreat Program

Polen 2016 - 2017



14th -17th April : Lake 

9th - 12th June: Ocean

6th - 9th October: Forrest

26th- 29th January: Mountain 



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In 2016 you will have the opportunity to experience a new approach to creative somatic meditation, taking you beyond any method, into the wisdom of your own living breathing creative body, deeply connected to the unfolding now.


Our “no method” is guided by the principles and practices of Zen Coaching; attuning with curiosity and allowance towards the unfoldment of the present moment, and is anchored in somatic awareness; the direct experience of the living breathing body, as perceived from the inside, by you.


Your own experience of

  • breath, pulsation, inner rhythms,

  • ground, space, physical environment, dimensions.

  • Your own feeling quality of inner and outer movement,

  •  your experience of body systems; bones, muscles, fluids, organs, skin etc.

  • Your own mindful awareness of the connection between thoughts, feelings and physical sensations….


Anchored in somatic awareness you are invited to

Be-Sense and Move in landscapes of embodied imagination, and engage in creative responses to your felt experience, such as dancing, moving, drawing, writing, sculpturing, making installations etc.


The frame of the retreat will offer tools and principles that guide you towards somatic awareness and embodied presence, for you to reconnect deeply with your soul.


As Almaas has said: “If the soul is operating from her own inherent capacities... unfoldment will happen on its own. There is a force within our soul that is intelligent, responsive, and aware”


The retreat will offer guidelines for you to journey with the unfoldment of your own experience, and follow your own rhythm in continuous cycles of practice and reflection.


In a circle of friends where there is space for aloneness and togetherness, you are invited to experience what you experience from a creative perspective, let life open, and move you towards deep connection with yourself, others and nature; meet and embrace you inner difficulties and receive the hidden treasures of NOW: creative power, insight, inspiration, freedom and peacefulness….


The retreat program happens 4 times during 2016/2017 in carefully chosen places in polish nature. We let ourselves be inspired by the seasons of the year, and how the cycles of nature manifest in and through us. The magic happens as we CONNECT and OPEN to how life moves NOW. .

Do you long to go for experiences that is beyond what you already know?
…To journey with no goal and just BE with what unfolds for you from moment to moment?
Join us for a creative journey into the vast and unexplored landscape of NOW…
Deepen into a creative meditation practice that will support you to live in the world connected to your deeper nature. 

I am a journey

Wind, a stone, and deep-rooted three – I am

 A flower reaching for the sun– I am

A powerful wild animal becoming aware of what he is – I am

A human being, being wind, a stone, deep rooted tree – I am

A human being, being a flower reaching for the sun – I am

A human being- being a powerful wild animal becoming aware of what he is – I am

I am



For questions of any kind, please connect to Hanne at or Marta at



You can also call Hanne at 0047 9124493 or Marta at: ---- 


Cost for each retreat is 750 + extra cost for food and accomodation, for detailed information see here. 


If you sign up for the whole retreat programme, the cost will be 500 Zloty for each retreat,a total of 2000 Zloty + accomodation costs. 


Payment  through paypal here- 




Spring: Waking Up

7 - 10 April: Thurday - Sunday 


How is spring emerging in you?

From the stillness of the winter, we invite the awakening of our inner life, letting our cells breath, body open and widen, unravel tensions and invite the freshness of now.


As the leaves sprout on the trees, and nature recreates itself all around us, can we open to the experience of sprouting within? Waking up to the continuous creative becoming that we are? 


Place: By a lake close to Warzaw 




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Movement and stillness. Vibrations on different levels.

It becomes. It becomes what it wants. It becomes interactions. It becomes.


Beams spreading out through the spine, the back and the arms, down into the feet.
As if all the melted water from these days collects itself and run down through the feet.
A chaotic, floating, dancing floe that is melting.

Talking with the snow, it whispers in my ear: The heart of the soul. The one who can hear the song of silence. I am floating as air and the perspectives changes with my sense of self. Water, blood and skin are nodding with recognition.
(Ove Wevle, Creative Meditation Retreat 2015



16 - 19 June: Summer Thursday - Sunday 


In nature, it is the time of abundance, flowering beauty, vibrant life all over.

Where are you with the summer within? 

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"I was attracted to this place while I was walking. It opened up and wanted to be seen.

The beauty of us. Together or separate.

The place was hided away.It happens to people too.I want to make visible the beauty.The potential in all.That is how the nature works.Effortlessly. Finding its easiest way.It is there to be seen, spoken with, listened to and born with love and gratitude." (Randi Sundstøl, Creative Meditation Retreat, 2015) 

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Autumn: Landing

15- 18 September:  Autumn Thursday - Sunday 

Do you give your self the time to be seen? Turn inwards? Reflect?

Where do you find yourself with autumn? 


The Autumn Retreat happens i the Forrest, at 




"The mountain sees me.

The earth holds me.

The birds sing me.

The river flows me,

cleans me,

renews me.


The trees hold me,

opens me, silently love me  

Their branches close around me,

protect me,

care for me

Comforted, protected and held,

The nature opens me,

massages me

plays with me.


Silently without expectation.

Without wanting something back.

The din of the river breathes with me. Independent.

Near by, and far away.

The sun holds me like a lover. Shines through me." (Ylva Sjaastad, Creative Meditation

Retreat 2015)  


Winter: Stillness

Thursday 12th - Sunday 15th January. 


The body attuned to its deep inner creative flow, happening in the depth of existence. Seeds lie dormant, in the womb of earth, dreams and visions, ideas yet to manifest… They need the darkness and the stillness, to shape and sink roots, deepen to later reach for the light…

Join us into the deep creative stillness of winter….


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"She wears a blue velvet dress and a blue velvet coat. It is stars in it. I lie face down on my stomach, feet in the air, hands folded together in front of my heart. There is an increasing sense of Her. She becomes more and more tangible as standing out from the darkness that is her home. Her breath, her moves are filled with care. Carefully she is, like the one you can never grasp. When let alone, not interfered with – she comes out, unfolds like a princess. The shy princess of the night. If you want her to do something specific she freeze in a no. When nothing has to happen, carefully and with care, she breathes out. Relieved. If you really mean it, that nothing is demanded from her, she might dance to you. Just love." (Hanne Pedersen, Creative Meditation Retreat 2015)  

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