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Lav og strandnellik

Lav og strandnellik



Kristin i solnedgang

Kristin i solnedgang





        Creative Meditasjon Retreat 



   in Nature

          15-18 June i Øygarden 



Stillness, sound of waves and seagulls...
wind in your face...warm rocks...
you and nature...
a meeting with yourself...
under the open sky.
Space to experience what you experience
dance it - draw it- write it- be it 
your choice
in creative meditation
quality time
alone and together 
nurturing cycles 
of being with what is. 
Welcome !

Join us for some days in a remote island on the west coast of Norway, and experience meditation in creative dialogue with the nature around you!  We will paddle out to our basecamp on an islet close to Misje outside Bergen. Here we will camp and enjoy a break from our daily routines and the city life. Rich breakfasts, warm lunches and three course dinners will be served every day by the fire.  You are invited to your own contemplative creative process; a meeting with yourself, the nature and the present moment, supported by a nurturing togetherness. And those who wish can be certified with a paddling license from the Norwegian Paddling Federation! 

Through bodily presence, sense perception and somatic movement these days will support you to connect with/ strengthen your connection to your creative core... the space inside that always exists in a living, breathing relationship to your world, and that is effortlessly creative.These days you are invited to create from this deep connection to yourself. Sense, feel, be, move, draw, write... Be in creative movement deeply connected to life inside and around you. 
Bodymind Inquiry - Creative Somatic Movement is an exploration of life through direct experience. SOMA refers to the body as a living breathing flow of sense impressions, feelings, sensations, dreams and wishes. 
To create from connection with the body as a felt experience, can bring us in contact with our own direction and deeper intentions. We learn to listen to, and take seriously our own inner voice, as it whispers to us through sensations, images or silent words...
From a somatic perspective the body is not a thing but a process: Body, psyche, spirit and nature are seen as deeply interdependent processes that can not be separated from each other or treated as parts. 
We awaken the body´s capacity to share its inherent wisdom with us, and our ability to learn through direct experience, so that we can become our own inner guide, and live in a creative interaction with the nature inside us and around us. 
‘ Creating in touch with sensation and feeling in the body awakens us to the sensous details of the material world - the opening of a hand, the coolness of a stone, the flow of a pigment... and paradoxically it is this attention to detail that opens and loosens the field in which we perceive things. Creating, in whatever way is available to us, moves us out of the abstractions and generalizations of our everyday seeing and language into the particular qualities and feel of the world about us. What we love; what is beautiful and delights us changes and expands our perception. What we create is always in some way speaking into being a part of ourselves which is as yet hidden and unspoken, unexpressed even to ourselves.’ (2004: Miranda Tufnell)  

Paddling between the islands

Leila Reigstad is familiar  with the ocean and the islets west on Sotra. She will take us to a beautiful remote islet that will be our basecamp for the weeked, and she is also providing stable kayaks and equipment for all.  The paddling trip will take more or less one hour from the boathouse in Misje, which is the starting and ending point for our adventure. Those who wants may also be certified with a paddling license from the Norwegian Paddling Federation. This is a 4-hours introduction course, and it is integrated in our weekend. Everybody will get a basic introduction to paddling, friend rescuing and safety in kayak. During the weekend participants may have private paddling sessions with Laila. The days in basecamp will be a mixture of creative exploration in group, and time for contemplation alone, within supportive frames and guidelines..and with the big ocean, birdlife and nature as our backdrop! 


Our camp for the weekend will consist of a lavvu for gatherings, a fireplace and a outdoor shower. There are many nice places on the island to take a bath or go for a walk. We will be sleeping in the lavvu and in smaller tents.  Laila will be the cook during the workshop and prepare varied and delicious meals.  There will be a warm lunch and warm 3 course dinners, as well as drinks and snacks always available between our creative sessions.   

Registration and payment




16.00: we meet in the center of Bergen for joint transport to Misje

17.00 introduction

18.00 paddle trip to  basecamp

19.00 prepare the camp

20.00 - 22.00 welcome gathering


07.30.- 08.30   morning meditation

09.00 - 10.00  breakfasts

10-15 - 13.30   In to the moment + creative time alone

13.30- 15.00    dinner and break

15.00 - 18.30   "to create is a dialogue" + creative work alone

18.30 - 20.00   dinner + break

20.00 - 22.00   evening session: a walk and a gathering around the fire


07.30 . -  08.30 morning meditation

09.00 - 10.00   breakfast

10.15 - 11.15:  paddling to the outermost islands  (dependent on the weather)

11.30- 12.00 drinks, snacks and a break

12.00- 14.00 movement exploration and creative time in the outermost islands

14.00 - 15.00 lunch

15.00 - 18.30 creative time alone

18.30 - 19.30 minner 

19.30 - 20.30 paddling back to basecamp

21..00 - 22.00 evening session + and gathering around the fire


07.30 -  08.30 morning meditation

09.00 - 10.00 breakfast

10.15 - 11.30 creative task

11.45 -14. 00 sharing of creative work

13.30 - 14.30 lunch

14.30 – 15.30 packing and preparing to leave the  island

15.30 leaving the island

17.00 -18.00 soup and final gathering in the boathouse in Misje

About the workshop leaders

Hanne Pedersen is a  Zen Coach and a  Somatic Movement practitioner. She is the founder of Noori; Arts and practices of Bodymind Inquiry, and offers workshops and one-to-one sessions supporting you to connect deeper with yourself and increase the awareness about body, mind and being, through direct experience. 

                                            Hanne is trained as a performer from  School of Arts, Cantabile 2 and has a MA in Dance and                                               Somatic Wellbeing- Connections to the Living Body, from UCLAN in the UK. She is also qualified as a Somatic Movement Educator. As a Zen Coach and teacher she offers a holistic understanding of the human being and supports deep transformations with simple and powerful principles.  She has may years of experience in supporting people through creative processes The processes she offers are anchored in empathic listening and allowing presence. This support transformation from the inside, from the inherent wisdom of each person. 

Laila Reigstad has  21 year of experience as Phd and researcher within biology in the university of Bergen. In 2015 she decided to leave the busy race and gain her life back! Through ReigstadUnlimited she works as a freelance and writes about environmental issues and outdoor  activities. She is a writer in the magazine Paddling on a regular basis, and writes articles to a number of Norwegian and Scandinavian magazines.  She also guides paddling and mountain trips in Norway and abroad, both for beginners and more experienced people. 

                               Laila is certified activity leader for sea kayaking from the Norwegian Paddling Federation and is a tourguide for DNT. Based in Sotra west of Bergen, she lives close to the sea. To have people join her kayaking, in 2013 she started Misje Kayaking . For Laila paddling is both training and mindfulness, and also a very social activity that support togetherness and beautiful experiences in nature. Paddling is both mental and physical freedom! 

Practical Information


Time and place : 15th -18th June among the islets west of Misje (outside Bergen, Norway) 

Pris:               4500 NOK. 


                     Price includes:

                       3-4 served meals pr. day, 

                       accomodation in kayak or tent, 

                       rent of kayak and equipment, 

                       kayak introduction course and certification

                       full retreat with all teaching

Sign-up and payment:     


                     Deposit of 1500 NOK is payed before 1st of May.  Sign-up is confirmed when we receive                            your deposit. 

                     The remaining fee of 3000 NOK is payed by the latest 15th of May. 

Webside/ sign up :  Here

Contact: /  +47 912 44 793 (Hanne) 

                   or / +47 90041881 (Laila)


Web : 


Sign up here: 

To sign up, fill in the scheme below and write abit about yourself: 


  • What is your main intention to sign up?

  • Where did you find information about the retreat? 

  • Do you have previous experience with meditation or somatic movement ?


If you want to pay through paypal or by card you can use the paypal button below, and pay here through this website. 


You can also pay by banc transfer to account:



Hans Hauges gt 26, 5033 Bergen 

Postbanken BIC/SWIFT adress: DNBANOKKXXX 
(NB! from Sweden you can take away the three last 'XXX') 

Electronic IBAN number: NO3005403957382

Papir formated IBAN number: NO30 0540 3957 382

Thank you for signing up! Your will soon receive a confirmation by email.

Lav og strandnellik
Padle ut i solnedgangen, under Skrova bru
Lykt i solnedgang
Kristin i solnedgang
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