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THE SEED - Saying yes to your potential, embodying your light

3-4 June: The SEED -
Say Yes to your Potential
Embody Your Light
A Weekend Immersion in the Wood Element. Leika Mark Noppenau & Hanne Pedersen

THE SEED - Saying yes to your potential, embodying your light

You are the seed of life with infinite potential. We forget to live out our potential. we even forget we have potential. We become so caught up in the hamster wheel, in expectations, in in cultural structures and recipes that we forget to be ourselves, live as ourselves and our inner seed never blossoms.

Hanne and Leika are here to reconnect you with your inner seed. To awaken you into your potential so you may blossom, and live freely growing towards freedom and light.

It requires courage, awareness and a good portion of stubbornness to continuously reach, live and "be" in light.

Through Self Inquiry we will examine what leads you astray...

The weekend is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tantric Philosophy; Kashmir Shaivism, The Diamond Approach & Shamanism.

In light Namaste
Hanne Pedersen & Leika Mark Noppenau
Cofounders of Embodied Transformation Institute

Hanne is the Founder of Bodymind Inquiry & Arts & Practices of Bodymind Inquiry.
Leika is the founder of Reflection Yoga & Therapy.

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