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Horizontal Communication - Zen Coaching & Embodied Flow

22 - 23 April in Drøbak. Leika Mark Noppenau & Hanne Pedersen

Horizontal Communication - Zen Coaching & Embodied Flow

Do you dare to see yourself in the eyes of another? Are you allowing yourself to step into the vulnerability of real, truthful and open relating? This is what we will be practicing this weekend: Being honest and vulnerable in communication with eachother.. daring to fully see and be seen by each other in a way that opens new horizons..

What is lost when we lack the awareness, embodiment and skills for honest and empathic contact and communication, is our shared humanness and our connection to the sacredness of each encounter in life.

We all long for togetherness, and we all deeply long to be ourselves fully, in a real way.
Yet, we often find ourselves in moments where it seems like we have to choose - That we have to somehow give ourselves up in order to have belonging.. or that we have to be on our own in order to protect our autonomous sense of self.

It can feel raw, open, vulnerable to allow ourselves to see and be seen in a real way.
Our habitual sense of self is shaped in relation to our caregivers and we were not always seen and respected as sacred beings in our own right.. Rather we learned to adapt and accommodate in order to belong. Our protective patterning set up in childhood tries to keep us safe from vulnerability, often at the cost of self connection

Finding the sweet spot of being authentic and real with ourselves, and also bring that into relationship - requires that we are in touch with both courage and compassion. It asks of us to be intimately connected to ourselves, and deeply value the truth of our moment.

We need to be able to look ourselves in the mirror and see all the ways in which we protect ourselves against feeling vulnerable and even dehumanize ourselves and others in order to protect ourselves from uncomfortable feelings. Judgements, labeling, superior or inferior positioning creates a pain of separation, fear and mistrust. And yet we sometimes rather choose that than to fully meet ourselves…

When we can be fully honest, we can see the ways that we habitually protect ourselves, with compassion. We can hold space for our own uncomfortable feelings and discover the great pleasure intrinsic in being real and authentic while at the same time being open - honoring that all real life actually happens in relating…

A lot of joy, celebration love and creativity is released when we dare to meet ourselves and each other straight on - eye to eye, heart to heart.

Leika and Hanne are the facilitators of this weekend where you are invited into yourself and into a field where we courageously explore these topics.

Through embodied yoga, zen coaching, nonviolent communication and somatic movement explorations. The weekend will offer you a room for deep embodied healing and transformation and introduce you to learning principles, tools and practices that will support you to practice honest and vulnerable contact and communication, in your own life.

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