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When we say yes to life and welcome our inner experience a space opens where healing and deep transformation can happen effortlessly.
It is our nature to expand and grow
in the direction that our hearts long for... 
we just have to stop and listen
so that we can hear where the movement of our inner yes is taking us...
Come join us for a Zen Coaching weekend
where we explore our yes to life,
and the power of allowing presence.



Zen Coaching Weekend Workshop:

Say YES to life

Manchester UK 28th-29th May 2017

                   with Hanne Pedersen & Sara Raj Nishan Kaur





Our inner yes is often hidden behind ideas about what we should or should not be, do or feel.  When we listen to these ideas we tend to get lost in inner struggle where we try to manipulate ourselves and our life experience into something it is not. Saying no, fighting and resisting our inner experience, is never going to give us what we long for. Instead it gives root to stress, anxiety, and other painful  states, that affect our lives in un unwanted ways. We become stuck in resistance, disconnected from ourselves and our true longings. The good news is; one moment of allowing presence is all it takes to find back home. 

Through allowing presence, guided meditations, experiential exercises and group sharings, this weekend workshop will support you to find a place of allowance for your own experience just as it is right now.
From acceptance and allowance, we can make choices and changes in our lives from a place of true self love instead of inner struggle. 

Benefits of this workshop will include a deeper sense of peace within, as we can stay present with and allow what IS in this moment. When we stop the fight against life in any given moment, and start accepting our reaction and response to it, we can make more powerful choices because then we don’t act out of resistance, fight or struggle, but from a true alignment with life.


This workshop is a condensed and powerful introduction to the essence of Zen Coaching. It is suitable for you who wish to deepen you experiential understanding of the principle of allowing presence, to support yourself and/ or others through deep listening. 

What is Zen Coaching? 

Zen Coaching is a simple and powerful approach to life and coaching. It was founded in 2005 by Kåre Landfald from Norway. He developed the approach with inspiration from many sources including the Zen Buddhist approach of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, Nonviolent Communication as developed by Marshall B Rosenberg, the Diamond Approach as developed by A.H. Almaas, as well as integrating current coaching and mindfulness approaches. 


More information about Zen Coaching

About the workshop leaders

Hanne Pedersen is a  Norwegian Zen Coach and a  Somatic Movement practitioner. She is the founder of Noori; Arts and practices of Bodymind Inquiry, and offers workshops and one-to-one sessions supporting you to connect deeper with yourself and increase the awareness about body, mind and being, through direct experience.  Hanne is trained as a performer from  School of Arts, Cantabile 2 and has a MA in Dance and  Somatic Wellbeing- Connections to the Living Body, from UCLAN in the UK. She is also qualified as a Somatic Movement Educator. As a Zen Coach and teacher she offers a holistic understanding of the human being and supports deep transformations with simple and powerful principles.  She has may years of experience in supporting people through inner processes of transformation anchored in empathic listening and allowing presence. This supports transformation from the inside, from the inherent wisdom of each person. 

Sara Raj Nishan Kaur is a Zen Coach and Kundalini Yoga Teacher from the UK, with a  background in Buddhist meditation and mindfulness. She runs regular yoga and meditation workshops that support inner listening, mindful movement and relaxing into awareness and presence.  Sara is also passionate about the transformational nature of creativity and works as creative producer at Community Arts North West; supporting groups and individuals to bring a voice and visibility to their stories through drama, spoken word, music, film and photography.

Practical Information


Time: Saturday 28th 10.00 - 18.00 & 29th of May 2017 10.00 - 16.00


Place : City Therapy, 79A Lever St, Northern Qtr, Manchester M1 1FL



Webside/ sign up :  Here

Contact: /  +47 912 44 793 (Hanne) 


Web :         

Sign up & payment: 

To book a place on this workshop , write to 

or book directly through Eventbrite here.



Warmly Welcome !

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